Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sleeping with Raccoons

Spent the night in a cabin that had four raccoons; one for each of us women staying there. The raccoons watched over us while we ate and watched a little tv and then remained in the living area while we slept.

The cabin was $60 for the night so split four ways it was really cheap and well worth it to have a flush toilet and hot shower.

During the night one little furry visitor gorged himself on the chocolate bottom of Onefoot's Reeses peanut butter cup.  Guess he got full or doesn't care for peanut butter because the rest was left for her.

After enjoying a good night's sleep and a warm room it was a little shocking to the system to step outside to 40 mph winds and 24 degrees.  I figure with the windchill it was in the low teens.  We almost considered trying to stay another night as the temps are supposed to improve, but after an hour I decided to head on down the trail.  I wrapped my red bandana around my face to block some of the icy wind and donned my silk glove liners and my windbreaker and headed out.

Some of my hiking companions Crazy Legs (who was in the cabin with us last night), Turtlestone , Junebug & Jack on the Mountain who is a 2003 thru hiker and 72 years old, put in a 5 mile day and are camped on top of the mountain tonight.  We should have a beautiful  but cold sunset and then on we go.  Who knows what creatures will grace us with their presence tonight.